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Our comprehensive guide includes information on the best hot springs North America and the rest of the world has to offer, from California’s famed Calistoga Spa Hot Springs to the Banff Upper Hot Springs in the Canadian Rockies.

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If you are looking for a natural spring to soak in, Hot Springs Discovery is the best guide online today. We list all natural hot and warm springs of different temperatures, so you can find one that is perfect for you. Most of the mineral waters are warm or hot, usually in the mid-80s to low 100s degrees Fahrenheit (28-40° Celsius). However, there are also some cooler and hotter springs. They can be found everywhere from developed resorts in the city to primitive pools out in the country.

What’s better than relaxing in all-natural hot springs after a long day of exploring? There are few things that compare. Resorts, spas, and other types of swimming pools can all be found in countries throughout the world.

Hot Springs by State in US

Some states in the US have hot springs while others do not. However, some states have amazing and beautiful natural hot springs. These thermal mineral waters are more common in Western states like Nevada and California, but you can find them to the east too!

Hot Springs in the World

Hot spring pools are all over the world! Some in countries like America and Canada have very high mineral content, while others may be much milder. There’s one called SPA de la Luna near Blue Lagoon on Iceland that has been known for its healing energy since Folklore was established there back when people believed hot springs could heal ailments ranging from arthritis to depression.

Below is a list to articles describing hot springs from all over the world.

Which one to you want to visit the most?

Camping, Lodging and Hotels by the Hot Springs

There’s something magical about hot springs. Perhaps it’s the way the boiling water seems to defy the laws of nature, or the way it can soothe tired muscles and ease pain. Whatever the reason, hot springs have always been a popular destination for travelers. And what could be better than camping, lodging or staying in a hotel near some of the most amazing hot springs in the world?

All about Natural Hot Springs

The world’s natural hot springs are amazing places where you can relax and rejuvenate your body and mind. There are many different types of hot springs, each with its own unique benefits. For centuries, people have been drawn to the healing properties of hot springs. Today, there are over 12,000 known geothermal features in the United States alone, and countless more around the world.

Photo of Hot Spring in Beppu.
Hot Spring in Beppu

The Earth is a natural energy source for the planet. The heated water bubbles to the surface because of geothermal energy deep below the ground. These hot springs pools are open and safe for public usage on occasion, but they are not always so.

Hot springs occur when groundwater is heated by molten rock deep below the earth’s surface. The water then rises to the surface, bringing with it minerals and other chemicals that can have therapeutic effects on the human body. Soaking in a hot spring can help to relieve muscle pain, improve circulation, and promote relaxation. Hot springs can also have a positive effect on skin conditions such as psoriasis and eczema.

If you’re looking for a truly unique hot spring experience, consider visiting one of the world’s natural geysers. Geysers are formed when water is heated to the point of boiling and then erupts from the earth’s surface. These eruptions can be quite spectacular, and some geysers are known to shoot water hundreds of feet into the air.

There are some geothermal hot springs that are open for people to soak in. However, some of these hot springs can be dangerous. For example, geothermal hot springs can be found at Yellowstone National Park in the USA. These hot springs bubble up in sectioned-off areas of the park because of their deadly nature. However, there are also safe natural hot springs all around the world, both at luxury resorts and primitive pools.

Primitive vs Resorts Hot Springs

Hot springs have been used for centuries for their therapeutic properties, and today there are two main types of hot springs resorts: primitive and developed. Primitive hot springs are typically located in natural settings, such as in the woods or near a river.

Visitors to these springs often have to hike or bike to reach them, and they may be less than comfortable, with rustic amenities like outhouses rather than showers.

Primitive vs Resorts Hot Springs.
Primitive vs Resorts Hot Springs

However, many people enjoy the rustic charm of primitive hot springs and the opportunity to commune with nature.

In contrast, developed hot springs are typically located at full-service resorts, with all the amenities one would expect, including restaurants, shops, and showers. These resorts may also offer other activities like golfing or hiking. While primitive hot springs may not be as glamorous as their developed counterparts, both offer a unique opportunity to relax and rejuvenate.

Whether you’re a seasoned “soaker” or a first-timer, we’re here to assist you on your trip. To reiterate, keep in mind that not all hot springs are safe to bathe in. Only enter pools that have been designated and tested. There are two distinct kinds of hot springs available depending on your location.

Primitive – The free mineral hot springs that you can find on the side of a road or deep within national forests are not your typical spa. These “primitive” spas range in their development, which is usually user-developed; there may be an old volcano involved too!

Resorts – The majority of these are basic resorts that showcase their hot springs and, in some cases, provide spa services. The minerals in these waters provide health advantages and therapeutic relaxation that is worth traveling the globe for. Resorts vary in size, temperature, pricing, and amenities. That’s part of what makes them so charming; each one is unique.

What to Consider When Going to a Hot Spring

There is a hot spring for everyone. You just have to find the right one for you. If you want to stay in a place with lodging, make sure you research the different places. If you want to camp on-site, make sure you know what the facilities are like. If you don’t mind free hot springs, there are plenty of them out there! Just do your research first.

When planning a trip to a hot spring, there are a few things to keep in mind. First, it is important to choose a spring that is appropriate for your abilities. If you are inexperienced, it is best to choose a spring with gently sloping sides and warm water. It is also important to be aware of the potential hazards. Some hot springs are located in remote areas, and it is important to be prepared for emergencies. Finally, remember to respect the natural environment. Hot springs are fragile ecosystems, and it is important to take care not to disturb the delicate balance. By following these simple guidelines, you can ensure that your trip to the hot spring is safe and enjoyable.

Below are some specific factors to take into account when deciding on which hot spring your should visit.

Water Temperature – The pool water needs to be hot enough to be enjoyable and kill germs. The temperature shouldn’t be so hot that it will scald your skin. Most pools have a temperature range of 95-108°F, with anything higher than 100°F starting to get pretty hot. 108°F is the same as a pot of boiling water. If you soak in a tub or go swimming in a river, you can regulate the temperature to make it more comfortable.

Cleanliness – People like to go to places where they can swim and soak in the water. It is not fun or safe to go to a place where the water is dirty. That is why it is important to choose a place that has clean water and is well-maintained. Some resorts do not clean their pools as well as they should, but you can find out ahead of time by reading reviews or asking people who have been there before.

Hot Spring in Japan.
Hot Spring in Japan

Hot springs pools are usually refilled with new hot springs water. They often manage to cycle all the existing water out quickly and regularly. However, some resorts might not do this as well.

Seclusion – Some hot springs are too crowded and may not be the best choice for you. This is because there will be a lot of people there. You can usually enjoy the most relaxing soaking sessions at night, but for this, you will need to book a suitable accommodation option as well.

Accessibility– Your chosen hot springs must be accessible. If any of the roads are closed, it might not be a good choice. Check the hours too. Hot springs frequently have an entire day off scheduled for cleaning, sometimes once per week, others less. Some hot springs along rivers close in the spring due to high river levels.

Facilities – If you go to an undeveloped area with hot springs, you will usually not find any facilities. This means that you might have to bring your own drinking water. Sometimes the public manages these pools and using them is free.

Resort hot springs are a different kind of hot spring. They can be either rustic or luxurious, and they all have spas, lodging, and sometimes a place to eat. To get access to these springs, you have to pay.

Health benefits from hot springs

It is well known that hot springs can have a variety of health benefits. The hot water can help to relax muscles and ease pain, and the minerals in the water can help to detoxify the body. In addition, the warm, humid environment can help to improve respiratory conditions such as asthma. However, hot springs can also provide benefits for mental health. soaks in hot springs have been shown to reduce stress and improve sleep quality. In addition, the time spent in nature can help to boost mood and reduce anxiety. For those looking for a way to improve their physical and mental health, soaking in a hot spring may be the perfect solution.

Health benefits from hot springs.
Health benefits from hot springs

The mineral content of hot springs is generally high because the heated water dissolves more salts and travels through rocks and the earth’s crust. This means that the water will contain a variety of nutrients, like calcium, silica, and magnesium.

These minerals are good for your skin. They make it healthy. Plus, the temperatures help to ease aching muscles, increase blood circulation, detoxify the body and relieve stress. Here are some of the primary benefits of soaking in hot springs, in no particular order:

Musculoskeletal Problems

Hot springs have been known to ease symptoms of muscular conditions like muscle ache, fatigue, swollen joints, ligament damage and arthritis.


Eczema is a condition characterized by the presence of dry and flaky skin. This condition is observed in nearly 15% of Americans and Canadians.

Lower Calories

Hot spring soaks can burn around 140 calories in an hour. While this may not directly lead to weight loss, it can prevent your weight from rising.


High-stress levels expose you to so many health risks like hypertension and depression due to higher cortisol levels. Soaking your body in naturally heated water helps you rejuvenate and relax, lowering your stress levels, and thus, preventing the associated risks.

Nasal Congestion

Heat that is emitted from water combines with sulfur and produces a rotten smell that can be observed at some of the hot springs in Oregon and elsewhere. However, this odor is effective in treating nasal congestion, regardless of what the cause may be.


Soaking in Oregon’s thermal springs allows your body to sweat more, which eliminates toxins from the blood.


Treating the condition can be challenging, but soaking in natural hot springs has proven to be quite beneficial. It reduces the redness and itching to a notable extent in patients who suffer from this disease. Some mineral springs are rich in calcium and sodium bicarbonate, improving blood circulation in the body, and leading to lower blood pressure levels.

Which countries and U.S. states have hot springs?

Hot springs are a fascinating geological phenomenon, and they can be found in locations all around the world. In Asia, hot springs are a popular tourist destination in countries like Japan, China, and Taiwan.

Africa also has its share of hot springs, with notable examples in Ethiopia and Kenya. Europe is home to numerous hot springs as well, including those in Iceland, Croatia, and Hungary.

North America has several notable hot springs as well, such as those in Yellowstone National Park and Banff National Park.

Oceania also has several hot springs, including those in New Zealand and Australia. Finally, South America has a number of hot springs worth visiting, such as those in Chile and Argentina. Whether you’re looking for a relaxing soak or a fascinating geological curiosity, hot springs are definitely worth checking out.

These are only a sample of the worldwide hot springs locations. To make it more thorough, additional destinations are being added all the time.

Please let us know if we’re missing any states in the United States with hot springs to visit.

Hot Springs US StatesHot Springs Countries
CaliforniaCosta Rica
MontanaNew Zealand
New MexicoPortugal
New YorkSouth Africa
North CarolinaSpain
South DakotaUnited States
West Virginia
Table of U.S. stated and countries in the world with hot springs


Hot springs are a great way to relax and rejuvenate, with many health benefits including relief from muscular conditions, eczema, lower calorie consumption, relaxation, nasal congestion, detoxification, improved circulation, and reduced stress levels. You can find hot springs all around the world, so there’s sure to be one near you. Whether you’re looking for a relaxing soak or a fascinating geological curiosity, hot springs are definitely worth checking out.

Soak away in hot springs today!