Pohoiki Warm Spring at Isaac Hale Park in Hawaii

If you are looking for a beautiful and unique black sand beach to visit on the Big Island, Pohoiki Warm Springs should be at the top of your list! Pohoiki is located in Puna, right next to the Isaac Hale Beach Park. The 2018 eruption of the Kilauea volcano has changed this area significantly, creating a brand new black sand beach. This beach is well worth a visit – so make sure to add it to your itinerary!

The Pohoiki warm springs are part of the Isaac Hale Beach Park in Puna.

The Isaac Hale Park is a stretch of beach that takes you to the Pohoiki Warm Spring. This location has become Hawaii’s newest black sand beach as a result of the volcanic eruption in 2018.

As the molten rock traveled across the area, it left behind many black sand beaches, one of which is Isaac Hale Beach Park, which is now one of the most accessible.

Warm Springs Ponds at Isaac Hale Park

The Pohoiki Warm Spring is an ancient, collapsed lava tube that gets its heat from volcanic energy. When it rains the water will flow into Earth’s cracks and crevices rather than directly onto our beaches – where there are no waves or tides! The heated magma within this fissure system keeps everything running smoothly: oceanic Rim Tours can take you down inside these steamy caves for some relaxation time with nature herself at your side (and if not satisfied simply follow local guides back up top).

Warm Springs Ponds at Isaac Hale Park.
Warm Springs Ponds at Isaac Hale Park. Photo: Pua Lehua

Pohoiki Warm Spring

The Pohoiki Warm Spring, on Isaac Hale Beach Park, is one of the most popular destinations for locals and tourists alike. It’s easy to see why- not only does it provide a sense realism with its natural hot water springs, but there are four different kinds! The black sand from this volcanic eruptions provides an otherworldly look that makes your toes tingle as you explore these beautiful shores together.

The water in this Hawaii hot spring is generally between 75 and 85 degrees. It’s not considered a hot springs, but it still has healing properties that can make you feel at ease with your skin issues! If there are open cuts on the body then beware because bacteria may grow inside them if heated too much- so only use warm waters when needed for treatment purposes only

The beach is a popular spot for people to enjoy their time in the water. From swimming, surfing and fishing along this beautiful shoreline you can go camping or just have some picnic on black sand which gives an added sense of mystery with its dark color contrasting against bright blue skies!

5 warm to hot springs at Pohoiki

  • On the far eastern end of the beach, a small pond is nestled against the lava flow.
  • A pond has formed where the old boat ramp used to be.
  • A pond at intersection of the new beach with the old coastline at the previous location of ‘1st bay’
  • In the forest, there was a cold pond that had been previously existing. It has now heated up considerably.
  • At the previous site of “2nd bay,” a pond occupied the central part of the intersection between the new beach and old coast.

2018 LERZ lavaflow

The 2018 LERZ lavaflow has created new natural thermal ponds, which are contained by all the black sand that traps heated spring water. As heat from this volcanic activity spreads underground and warms up these already-existing pools of hot springs beneath you’ll be able to enjoy an even more relaxing experience!

Pohoiki Boat Rampand Warm Springs and Boat Ramp. Photo by: Pua Lehua

The eruption also created several natural thermal ponds. These ponds are surrounded by new black sand, which traps the heated spring water. The heat from the 2018 LERZ lavaflow is making the water in these ponds warmer and warmer. These ponds are now the newest natural volcanically-heated ponds on the island. You can read more about the heating up of the springs at Pohoiki at the Hawaii Tracker website.

Getting To Pohoiki Warm Springs

After a short walk from the boat ramp, you will find yourself standing in front of Pohoiki Warm Springs. The natural Hawaiian jungle is all around it and nothing can be seen except for this beautiful warm spring waiting to heal your tired body and mind.

A breath of fresh air invigorates one’s senses as they take some time out on these pristine shores near Kona with its healing waters that are said not only help ease joint pain but also boost energy levels!

Map To Pohoiki Warm Springs

Pohoiki Warm Springs Pond Video Clip

More details

Pohoiki Warm Springs Address

Pohoiki Warm Springs
12 HI-137
Hawaii 96778

Season: Year-round

Websites: https://hawaiibeachsafety.com/big-island/pohoiki-beach || https://hawaiicounty.ehawaii.gov/camping/all,details,57794.html


The Pohoiki warm springs are a new black sand beach on the Big Island that was formed as a result of the 2018 LERZ eruption. The springs are located in Puna and are part of the Isaac Hale Beach Park. There are four different springs at Pohoiki, and the water is generally between 75 and 85 degrees. The Pohoiki warm springs are a popular spot for swimming, surfing, fishing, and picnicking.

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